Back and Paper Test, And Setting Your Trade Live

How do you test your Algorithm on historical prices before implementing and trading live. Look here to see.

Once inside your strategy, click the Backtest button.

This will give you an option to choose your period to run the test in. We go back as far as 10 years but you can select specific dates if required.

Once the back test has run, it can give you 3 results. The overall result of the test, the equity graph showing you where and when the strategy was making money across the market conditions, the historical value on each individual trade by running the strategy and taking profit or stop loss kicking in.

You also have the ability to test the strategy on current market conditions by running a paper test.

Once you are happy with all the testing, you are able to set the Strategy live.

Click live trade.

You are now waiting to make money on your automated strategy!!