How To Understand The Navbar

How to understand what the navbar tells you about the funds you have and how you are allocating these to trades.

Username: The current user logged in

Cash Balance: The amount of money available to use for trading

Open Position P & L: The running total of profit or loss in GBP

Trading Resources: This is the Account Valuation less your Margin in use which will give you your available balance to place trades.

Margin in Use: Current amount of money being held in case of an adverse move in the current trade as collateral. This is based off leverage given to the client when the trade is placed.

Account Valuation: This is the Account cash balance plus your running Open Position P & L in GBP , should you wish to close your position at the present time.

Deposit: The ability to add funds into your account via this button

Build a Strategy: The Algorithm entry point button

My Account: Administration details regarding the users profile or rest buttons for the password

Logout: Exiting the current users profile.