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This service will be offered to advisors who have a trading following. You can create your own chat room in the ForexVox Hub for your followers.

The benefits for you as an introducing broker are the development of an advisory business with the ability to provide commentary to clients with trading signals to multiple followers.

Chat rooms will be available through the website and mobile devices so your followers will have real time access to your trading commentary and market interpretation.

Create your own chat room

Advisors can create their own chat room which will allow you to chat to your followers. You have complete control who you allow into your chat room. The chat room can be used for market news, general market chat and trade ideas.

Live instant streaming

You can stream live to your members via your chat room. You can do this by audio or video. This allows you to share you trading content with your chat room for a more professional pay to follow service.

Charge for group access

You can charge your members a fee for accessing your content. You can set a daily or monthly fee. This allows you to structure your chat rooms for all of your different needs. If you want to offer a free service this can be done, however you may wish to charge a fee for your more professional services.

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