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Final Step Declaration

I acknowledge to have read and understood the Risk Warning and Key information document which is provided online as part of this application. I understand that Key Information Documents are available to me on the ForexVox website. I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the ForexVox Client Agreement provided online as part of this application. I understand that ForexVox will not provide me with any investment advice on transactions. I also confirm that I have read. understood and agree to be bound by ForexVox Best Execution Policy and Privacy Policy.
I understand that personal information submitted as part of this application will be used to verify my identity with a 3rd party authentication service. I confirm that the information provided by me and inserted in this form is correct and that I acknowledge that I shall be obliged to inform ForexVox immediately in case of any changes to this information. I confirm that I have acted in my own name as specified in this application and not on behalf of a third party in respect of all matters related to this client relationship. Accordingly all funds to be deposited and traded in on the account with ForexVox are my own funds.
I confirm that the intended deposit amount chosen by me takes into account my total financial circumstances and is considered by me to be responsible under such circumstances. I understand the inherent risks of trading FX and CFDs and that due to the risky nature of the product I may lose all my deposit.